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Connecting cage-free farms with cage-free committed food businesses



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Connecting cage-free farms with cage-free committed food businesses

Global Food Partners


Global Food Partners is an Effective Altruism-aligned non-profit that assists food businesses and producers in transitioning to more humane sourcing of animal products. In the global animal welfare push towards humane sourcing, a huge problem is becoming evident: many Asian food businesses that have made cage-free egg commitments are not due to meet those commitments by the agreed upon date, or any time soon. The reason is a discovery issue: trouble finding cage-free egg sourcing in the region. Sacred was tasked with creating a web app to function as a double-sided marketplace in which cage-free farmers could list their profiles, and food businesses could discover and contact the farms.

Maximum impact on a minimum budget

Building apps is not usually cheap, but GFP’s non-profit budget warranted that we deliver something of initial of value, with potential to go further after the next round of grants. Thus, most of the work was behind the scenes product strategy and scrutiny. We put on our lean startup hats and  utilized MVP philosophy to ask, “What is the minimum we can build to still accomplish our primary goal?”

The MVP directory provides a list of cage-free sellers that links off to individual profiles

A setup wizard provides a user-friendly, high-converting method for farmers to initiate profiles

Designs backed by user research

As deep believers in user empathy,  building a solid understanding of users to guide product and design strategy is a must. Our knowledge of food businesses and farmers guided design decisions, such as building mobile-first to accommodate Asian farmers that typically use mobile phones in place of computers.

The impact: Happier chickens

Well, we hope. We will officially assess impact 6 months after the launch of the product. Maybe we shouldn’t have included this section yet, but we want to stress how important strategizing around a specific outcome, and then measuring that outcome, is at Sacred. We will consider this product successful if within the first year, GFP’s top 5 clients increase their ratio of cage-free to traditional egg sourcing by 10% or more cumulatively.

Next steps

As altruists, our work is never done! We will continue to expand the product into new territories, such as farmer education towards transitioning to cage-free. We also hope that successful transition to cage-free can pave the way for even bigger wins in the future. Think... Freeing chickens altogether? Hey, we can dream!


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