Sunsets at Home

A brand that expresses care, health, and happiness


Brand strategy

Brand identity


Small (4 employees)


A brand that expresses care, health, and happiness

Sunsets at Home


Sunsets at Home came to us in its infancy looking for a brand identity that would set the foundation for its product: a web resource providing the knowledge, products, and how-to for comfortable and affordable aging at home.

The foundational brand strategy

Beyond understanding the scope of the product, we deeply believe successful brand identity considers  the feeling we want customers to associate with this product–what we call the brand strategy. Among the most important concepts that appeared in this exploration with Sunsets at Home were “cared for”, “healthy”, and “happy”.

A visual direction: function + feeling

Our final logo exists at the crossroads of several important concepts. In more than one way it both describes the product and also elicits a feeling of “cared for”.

The color palette

Our client was particularly inspired by the colors of nurse scrubs! The blues allude to this “cared for”, professional aspect of healthcare–but in shades that feel particularly “happy” and uplifting.


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